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A Surrendered Life

I live a surrendered life. I intentionally choose an ideal state, move into it, and then completely allow it to inspire my actions. These days, I rarely have a “plan,” at best I may have a general outline, but I’m not at all attached to it because I know the deeper part of me can always orchestrate whatever I outline 1000x better.

People ask “what do I do after I move into the state of the wish fulfilled?” The answer is flow. Flow with what the state presents. The state will literally compel you.

This week, my loose outline was to take it easy, yet on Christmas Day, I found myself completely moved and inspired to create a six-month mastermind group. The whole vision was laid out before me and each step guided.

My surface-level self’s role in all of this is to select a state and show up. The rest is taken care of.

So, if you’re interested in learning more about living a surrendered life (through the use of imagination) and you’re interested in being in a supportive community full of loving individuals, I invite you to join us. Our mastermind officially starts on January 4.

Here's the link for more information.


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