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Isn't it Wonderful Challenge

A few weeks ago, I hosted something called the "Isn't it Wonderful" Challenge. The challenge was to fall asleep in the state of "isn't it wonderful" each night, and particularly feel the reality that something wonderful/marvelous was happening right now in the moment prior to drifting off to sleep.

The challenge was inspired by my favorite manifestation story in the book Law and Promise written by Neville Goddard. One of Neville's 55 year-old students (T.K.) used this technique for two months and ultimately ended up manifesting financial abundance for the rest of her natural life. You can read the specific story here.

Over 250 people from around the world joined me in this challenge. The results were incredible: from unexpected money and opportunities to reuniting with loved ones, experiencing an overall increase in mood, energy, and vitality to being pampered and loved on deeper levels to experiencing clarity and a deep connection and knowledge of self - it was amazing!

There were four particular insights I realized after doing this challenge:

1) To manifest, there is only ONE thing required: to feel that what you desire is already so. This is the one and only requirement. Feeling the REALITY that something wonderful is happening now is a simple yet highly effective way to move into feeling that your desires are already fulfilled. This is a key reason why things that we had all been imagining long ago materialized during this challenge - because we successfully moved into the feeling. 2) Mid-way through the challenge, it hit me so clearly that everything is actually WAITING ON US. Since the world is the self pushed out, it is always in response to our feeling/assumptions. So if we believe we have to wait - we remain in a cycle of waiting. But instead, if we move powerfully into feeling that we already have it/are it NOW, the fulfilled desire is revealed NOW since it already exists anyways (although it initially exists in an unseen form). Have you noticed that when you're "waiting" things do not manifest, but when you're out living/being things manifest with absolute ease? 3) Things are not "coming," they are already here. Everything is here, right now. Our fulfilled desires already exist in unseen form - but they are absolutely already here. Our only role is to feel the reality of them here and now. 4) Similar to the third point, we are not "becoming;" we already are. I used to believe that I was moving along a linear timeline and growing into something or becoming something. But our TRUE identity is already whole and all inclusive. We cannot become what we already are. Here's why this is important. If you feel you have to "become something" - there is a sense of lack or that you are missing something. But if there is a recognition that you are already it, you feel fulfilled - which is the one requirement to manifest.

Ultimately, I decided to continue doing this every night because I truly enjoy it. I'd love to know if you decide to do it too!

Here are the three YouTube videos I made about the challenge and my results:


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