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In August of 2015, Candace first came across the work of Neville Goddard. Neville was a mystic who was well-known in the 1940s, 50s, and 60s. Drawn in by his ideas on concept of self and his practical take on ancient wisdom, Candace studied and implemented these ideas in her life. She then shared with her family, friends, and clients.

The results were notably significant and prompted Candace to share her insights in her private Facebook group as well as on Instagram. This e-book is a collection of the inspired online posts that were shared over the past several years.


Length: 139 pages

Format: PDF File 


*Note: Candace has a list of references in the back of this book; however, the website is no longer active. To access the references, please use this link to the website.

Through Candace's Lens E-Book

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