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Welcome to the BEST EVER experience!


There is an expansive feeling that is elicited when you consider the BEST experiences you’ve ever had. Take a moment to reflect on the best meal you’ve ever had, the best hug you’ve ever had, the best vacation you’ve ever had, and the best day you’ve ever had. Notice that when you reflect on these experiences, you re-experience the wonder once again and it can even be amplified.


During this BEST EVER Series, we are inviting you to experience every day as your BEST EVER! 


Experiencing each day as your BEST EVER, turns into your BEST EVER weeks, BEST EVER months, BEST EVER years, and BEST EVER life!


Throughout this series, we covered:


-the recognition that the best ever is right here and now 


-tangible ways to have the “best ever” be your norm (and yet be continuously blown away)


-blissfully allowing yourself to experience the best ever across every area of your life


-being completely open to accepting, receiving, and giving your best ever


-recognizing that there’s no limit to how amazing life gets to be


In this BEST EVER series we are inviting you to be delighted and blown away beyond what you can consciously imagine.


*Please note, this is a pre-recorded class that is 2 hours long as well as 6-day series with pre-recorded prompts, and a thirty-minute celebration call.


**This event is non-refundable and does not guarantee results; nor is it a replacement for professional, medical, or financial advice or any professional advice of any kind. All testimonials and stories shared are not a guarantee of results. Individual results vary. This product is not intended for individuals under the age of 18. By enrolling, you are stating that you are considered a legal adult that can consent in your name. 


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