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My Favorite Place to Shoot

Updated: Oct 13, 2018

Plumerias in Koko Crater Botanical Garden

After living in Hawaiʻi for five years, I have explored quite a bit, but there's one place that keeps calling me back to take more photos. It's none other than the Koko Crater Botanical Garden.

The trail takes visitors on an approximate two-mile stretch of beauty, variety, and wonder. Located in the actual crater of Koko Head (on the east side of Oʻahu), the botanical garden spans for sixty acres and is also next to a horse stable. It's home to a wide range of species; however, it's best known for its plumeria grove and cacti collection.

Each visit leaves me speechless and in awe of nature's beauty. Even if you're not interested in taking photos, the trail is a nice workout (however, I don't recommend going in the prime of the day because it's desert-like in some spots) and admission is free. Many tourists and locals don't know about Koko Crater Botanical Garden; it's a perfect place off the beaten path.

If you've gone before or if you choose to go, please tell me about your favorite part of the garden!

*Stats from the City and County of Honolulu:


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