"There are worlds within worlds within worlds, and they are all here - right here - just like turning on a radio" - Neville Goddard

Have you ever wondered whether it's possible to manifest something completely out of thin air? (where no "human hands" were involved and no physical actions were taken at all)

Or maybe you've experienced a moment that felt like a "glitch" where something you were looking for suddenly appeared in an area you know you previously searched. Or you find yourself with an extra item that you know you only had one of.

In this class, we explore the concept of "out of thin air manifesting." We explore whether you can intentionally and consistently manifest these occurrences and, if so how?

We explore:

  • The definition of out of thin air manifesting and plenty of examples

  • The "Many-Worlds Interpretation" and how it can shift your manifesting approach 

  • Ways to experience out of thin air manifestations

  • Shifting to where out of thin air manifestations are your "norm"

  • A Q&A Segment

Length: 2 hours

*Disclaimer: this class will be mind-bending. Also note this class is exploratory in nature and based off of Candace's personal experiences and the experiences of her clients.

**This class is non-refundable and does not guarantee results; nor is it a replacement for professional advice.

Out of Thin Air Manifesting Class


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