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Money is a game, and the great news is, it’s your game that’s completely rigged in your favor. You get to choose how you experience money. 

In this class, we know unconditionally that money is here in abundance! We know that money is here for us to circulate for play and to support our ideal lifestyle, and that the money game is a game you win every single time. 

We are exploring just how FUN money can be and lovely ways to have the most incredible relationship with money ever! 

We cover:

  • The concept that money is in service to you
  • Ways to playfully enjoy and manifest money with ease (just like a game but one that is completely rigged in your favor)
  • States of consciousness where money completely supports your ideal life (not just needs or a few things but ALL that you truly want and more)
  • Manifesting money out of thin air (without human hands)

There are also two bonuses: A Guided Revision 2.0 Money Exercise and an epically fun Manifesting Money Game!

*This is a pre-recorded class that is approximately 2 hours long.

**Please note this class is centered around having fun and playing with money. If you're looking for a foundational class to manifest money, please click here

***This class is non-refundable and does not guarantee results; nor is it a replacement for professional or financial advice. All testimonials and statements regarding income or success are not a guarantee of results. Individual results vary. This product is not intended for individuals under the age of 18. By enrolling, you are stating that you are considered a legal adult that can consent in your name.

Money Play Online Class

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