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Get your questions answered at your convenience with

E-mail Coaching

Candace provides e-mail coaching for individuals who have questions about manifesting. This is a particularly beneficial service if you'd like clarification on specific manifesting topics or processes.

Prior to signing up for e-mail coaching, Candace recommends the following steps:


1) Manifest clarity. Did you know you can manifest the answers to your questions? You have access to infinite wisdom within you. To manifest clarity, simply imagine that you already have the answer and soak in the feeling of "ahh, that's it!" or "I got it!" Notice how the answer effortlessly rises from within you or it presents itself before you.


2) Refer back to Neville Goddard's lectures and books. There is a wealth of information available. Here is a list of Candace's book and lecture recommendations.


3) Watch Candace's YouTube videos as you'll likely find many answers to your questions there.

If after taking steps 1-3 you still find that you'd like to consult Candace for questions, please take a look at the e-mail coaching service below. 

Candace's 30-Day E-mail Coaching Service:

  • Receive customized and tailored responses to your manifesting questions

  • Receive up to four e-mail replies per week (a total of up to 16 per month)

  • Responses within 24 hours (including weekends)

  • Specific exercises included if relevant

  • Coaching at a highly affordable rate

This e-mail service is best for individuals who:

  • Are already somewhat familiar with the Law of Assumption

  • Are open to shifting what they know about who they are and the world itself

  • Are disciplined and follow through 

  • Take 100% responsibility for their lives

  • Are committed to investing financially in themselves

  • Are committed to investing time in themselves

  • Are not seeking traditional counseling or mental health services (*Candace does not provide these services)

An electronically signed copy of an email coaching consent form will be required prior to starting services.

The cost for this service is $100 USD.

This e-mail coaching service is

non-refundable. Please note, you do not have to have a PayPal account to sign up for coaching. After selecting the PayPal option, it will ask if you'd rather pay

with a credit/debit card.