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Enhance your manifesting practice with

E-mail Coaching

Candace's 30-Day E-mail Coaching Service includes:


  • Customized and tailored responses to your manifesting questions

  • Up to four e-mail replies per week (a total of up to 16 per 30-day period)

  • Responses within 24 hours (including weekends)

  • Specific exercises included if relevant

  • Coaching at a highly affordable rate



This e-mail service is best for individuals who:



  • Are already somewhat familiar with the Law of Assumption

  • Are open to shifting what they know about who they are and the world itself

  • Are disciplined and follow through 

  • Take 100% responsibility for their lives

  • Are committed to investing financially in themselves

  • Are committed to investing time in themselves

  • Are not seeking traditional counseling or mental health services (*Candace does not provide these services)


An electronically signed copy of an email coaching consent form will be required prior to starting services.